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District Meet Info

posted Jul 17, 2013, 8:10 AM by David Baur   [ updated Jul 17, 2013, 8:10 AM ]
Hi Guys,
A few reminders for tomorrow:

8:10-8:30: WARM-UP AT ACC (checking starts and turns)
9:00 a.m.: Meet begins

Volunteers are:
First Half Timers - Karen Truelock, Wes Baca, Joann Clemens, Annette Hashimoto, Gary Evans, OPEN
Second Half Timers - Wes Baca, Dan Rowe, Lori Montgomery, OPEN, OPEN, OPEN

First Half Hospitality - Shannon Rowe

First Half Lane Monitors - Maile Ruggles, Christina O'Connell
Second Half Lane Monitors - Julie Baur

Starter - Brenda McCallon

The list is just almost full - I need to fill those last 4 timer vacancies. Please let me know TODAY if you can help, or if you can time the whole meet. There will be volunteers making sure that you have water and snacks if you need them.

Remember that you may not park in the member parking area at ACC. Please park on the street. The address is 601 Laguna Blvd SW.

Sundance t-shirts will be for sale at the meet tomorrow, although I'm not sure of the price. I have been advised not to wait to buy one on Saturday at Sundance, because they may be out of your size already. The shirts are fun this year, so bring cash if you want one.

Also, remember that Friday, July 19, practice will be from 8:30-9:00 a.m., and will only be for swimmers who qualified for Sundance in an individual event, or are swimming on a relay.

Qualification explanation: Results will be posted at the district meet as they are entered into the computer system and printed. The top 3 finishers in each individual event automatically advance to the Sundance Championships on Saturday, July 20 at West Mesa Aquatic Center. Additionally, those swimmers who don't finish in the top 3 in an individual event, but have one of the next 4 fastest times across the league will also advance. We will not know who qualified on the "bubble" until after the coaches meet on Thursday evening. If a swimmer qualifies on the bubble, he/she will be notified by Coach Hannah by PHONE on Thursday night.

Relays: Each team provides 1 girls relay and 1 boys relay from each age group to compete at the Sundance Championships. Even if you do not qualify for Sundance in an individual event, Coach Hannah may need you to swim on a relay. Relays will be determined solely upon which FHCC swimmers have the fastest times. Those needed for relays will also be contacted by Coach Hannah by PHONE on Thursday night.

See you tomorrow! Good luck, Gators!