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End of season slide show

posted Jul 1, 2010, 10:31 AM by David Baur   [ updated Jul 1, 2010, 10:32 AM by David Baur ]

Hi everyone-

 I am putting together the end of the season slide show for the banquet.  Since this is Tammy's last season as our head coach I would like to include some memories of her time with the Gators.

 Here is what I am looking for:

 Pictures of Tammy from any season

 If you and your children have favorite memories of Tammy please write them down and email them to me at JEllis21@comcast.net

 Pictures of your kids from their first season with Tammy as well as a picture from the current season

 And as always,  pictures from the current season - from meets, practice, groups of friends, any swim team activity.  The bigger variety the more interesting the slide show.

 The best way to make sure you are in the slideshow is to send in pictures!  The more pictures we have the better the slideshow will be.

 Please don't wait until the last minute - I need time to put it all together.  The deadline is Friday July 16 for everything except Spirit Night, District and Sundance.  Please send any pictures from those events right after the event. 

 Please label your pictures - I don't know everyone especially the younger kids.

 I would prefer to get your pictures in a digital format either by email (JEllis21@comcast.net) or on a CD.  I can scan photos if I need to.  if you need it returned please make sure you have your name on it.

 My phone numbers are 235-8154 (cell) and 271-9660 (home).  Please call me with any questions.


Julie Ellis