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Regular Meets
 Event  Date  Arrive  Time  Location  Versus
 1st meet
 June 9
 3:00 pm
 4:00 pm
 FHCC  Dolphins
 2nd meet
 June 19
 7:00 am
 8:00 am
 FHCC  Riverpoint
T or C
 8 and unders
 June 26
 11:30 am
 1:10 pm  West Mesa
All Clubs
 4th meet
 June 30
 7:00 am
 8:00 am
 Tanoan  Tanoan
 5th meet
 July 7
 3:00 pm
 4:00 pm
 FHCC  Highpoint
 6th meet
 July 10
 8:00 am
 9:00 am
 Socorro  Socorro
 7th meet
 July 14
 3:00 pm
 4:00 pm
 FHCC  Belen
Chamisa Hills

8 and Unders, NM Games, Districts and Sundance
 Event  Date  Arrive  Time  Location      
 8 and unders
 June 26
 11:30 am
 1:10 pm
 West Mesa
 NM Games
 June 27  7:00 am
 7:00 am
 West Mesa
 District meet
 July 22
 7:00 am
 8:20 am
 Belen Pool
 Sundance  July 24
 6:45 am
 8:40 am
 West Mesa

May 8th - Registration and Swimsuit Fitting

May 8th from 12:00 to 4:00 meet the coach and figure out your swimsuit size.

June 17th - Pictures, Bagels and Donuts

On picture day the swimmers are treated to bagels and donuts to keep up their strength for pictures.

2nd - Independence Day Celebration

A special team practice which includes crazy games and outfits.

July 16th - Pictures for slide show are due!!!

Provide pictures of your swimmers to Julie Ellis at so she has time to assemble a slide show. 
The best way to ensure that you child is in the slide show is to send in your pictures.

July 19th - Spirit Night

The older team member will entertain the parents and younger swimmers with a wacky skit.

July 24th - High Point Dinner

The family of the highest point scorer at Sundance gets to treat the team and parent to luxury dining!!!  Or a backyard barbecue anyway.

July 26th - Awards Banquet

The dinner and awards celebration.